The members of FOXPOPULI have extensive experience in international youth projects with many different organzations both in Sweden and abroad. Foxpopuli wrote and led an international Youth-in-Action project in 2012. It was called “Give music a chance” and brought together 45 young musicians from five countries to Sweden to create and record eight songs based on different themes such as environment, racism, democracy, finance crises etcetera. These musicians all had a musical background with a large variety of musical instruments and music genre. It was a complicated and intensive project during two intensive weeks of hard work with highly creative young people but created great visibility and was very well received by the participants as well as the press.

Foxpopuli has since 2012 given many courses in game simulation. Foxpopuli has the rights to give specialist courses in a simulation game dveloped by a number of educational institutions initiated and financed by the European Commission. This game focusses on creativity and entrepreneurship. Foxpopuli has extensive experience in entrepreneurship and start-up companies.

FOXPOPULI provide training courses for young people (also disadvantaged – from rural areas, early school leavers, from social risk groups) in particular “SEE A Game” (Stimulating European entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial attitudes using games). „SEE A Game” is non-formal learning method developed in association with the European Commission, where using board games – competitive game MENU and collaborative game FAIR, entrepreneurial processes are simulated and entrepreneurial attitudes are stimulated. Foxpopuli has given many training courses in game simulation to youth trainers as well as young students to help them to become more creative when entering the labour market.

In autumn 2012 FOXPOPULI implemented a NORDPLUS project „Social entrepreneurship for change” and this project developed a training course in social entrepreneurship, encouraging adult involvement into non-formal education and helping them to acquire new personal and professional skills for entering the labour market. In addition, the Project strengthens cooperation among Baltic and Nordic education organizations and experts and especially focussed on inclusion of vulnerable groups (unemployed, elderly, low-skilled). The training course consisted of 6 modules.

In the beginning of 2013 Foxpopuli became a partner in a Grundtvig and Leonardo Da Vinci international projects, focussing on entrepreneurial start-up communities and a cultural urban project called the city is my learning space. They both successfully finished in September 2015

In 2013 Foxpopuli successfully implemented two YIA projects, namely one training course in game simulation for youth leaders from 10 countries and one photography project about youth unemployment. A lot of press articles have been written about the photography project and included two photo exhibitions in the town hall of Lund and in Riga, Latvia.
In 2014 Foxpopuli implemented 2 YIA projects in the social media sphere as well as an documentary.

In 2015 Foxpopuli successfully implemented 4 Erasmus plus KA1 projects and is currently working on a KA2 strategic partnership with 5 organisations.

The project applicant FOXPOPULI has all the necessary resources working together with many local organisations and 13 volunteers, experience and expertise for the project and one of its members is a professional SALTO Youth trainer. Projects will be organized in a professional, quality and at the project application appropriate level. Foxpopuli has access to large modern meeting rooms, office and restaurant with catering facilities, youth centers in Lund and Eslöv and is in close contact with the municipalities of Lund and Eslöv.