ARTEMISAWORLD,S.L. offers a wide range of Programmes for Participants, both for young aged 18 years and over and for adult and senior Participants, in the most different professional sectors.
ARTEMISAWORLD, S.L. is an organisation active in the development of international professional training activities. In the framework of European Mobility Programme LLP – Lifelong Learning Programme – especially within Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Projects (IVT, PLM and VEPTRO), Erasmus, Youth in Action and Grundtvig, AW,S.L. acts as Receiving Intermediary Organisation in Spain and welcomes participants from other European Countries. The New EU programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport 2014-2020, ERASMUS+ gives more opportunities for Vocational Education Training and High Education students to increase their employability through traineeships.
We have also participated in projects as consultancy, writing studies, questionnaires, Strategic Development Plans for Public Administrations. We have a consolidated experience in the management of other kind of projects related to other funds, (as ERDF), INTERREG EUROPE, CREATIVE EUROPE, COSME, SUDOE projects and so on.With consolidated experience over the years in the field of professional training, educational projects and language teaching, we have developed the following projects:
• LEADER, LEADER PLUS and PRODER rural development for entreprises , employment and education non formal (2004-2008)
• Euroemployment (2010-2012) VEGAINNOVA Project-ROMANEET Project.
• Europe for Citizen (2013)
• Leonardo da Vinci Mobility (2013-2014) : Social care, agrotourism, environment.
• Youth in Action: training courses (Berlín october 2010), (Maribor September 2013)
• INTERREG IV C (2012-2014), tourism survey, researches and best practices
• Town Twinning (2014)
• ERASMUS+: KA2 Strategic Partnership : Cyberbullying (2015-2016)
The staff of this organization who are going to be involved in this project have a wide experience in the field of education, culture, employability and youth. We work in the framework of European Programmes in almost all the areas related to the subjects mentioned.