Multipler Events

Our aim in this event was to introduce and disseminate the final version of the output to all participants in all dimensions. We started the promotional work by having a large banner built to fully reflect the game, the project and our goals. The participants who looked at our banner should have a clear understanding of their partners and the organization that financed this project. We then had to make a presentation for the participants to have detailed information. We have prepared this presentation in three main topics. The first title was the general information of our project and the introduction of the partners, the second title was the introduction of the game with the rule booklet, and the third title was what we did from the beginning to that day. was told how the game could be downloaded. It was informed that this content was created with the EU fund and was open to all those who requested it. After the presentation, we played the game at 5 different tables with the participants in the target group. We faced a lot of questions during the game. Because this game was not similar to the common board games that existed before. Those who played the game needed some time to get used to the game. The impact on the participants during the game was far superior to what we expected. Because after the basic presentation of the meeting was finished, the participants did not want to leave the hall at all during the game and carefully watched the players waiting in line to try the game.
118 people from different institutions participated in the event. Participants were from schools, NGOs, education authorities. After the event, the participants gained detailed information about the output of our project and the European Union funds.
During this event, we received a list of signatures including contact information from the participants. We store this contact information for later use as a network in our next projects.
Participants were given a file containing some of the game’s contents, a notebook and pen with the project logo on it, and a certificate of participation indicating their participation