1. The state of art reports will contain the result of the needs analysis and the game idea for These reports will be used as discussion document and designed for internal use , although their contents will be available for the public with the publication of the handbook in which they will be part of the theoretical introduction. The actual development of the game will be based on these reports.
2. The Learning Environment and game/simulation will be designed and will be published on teh website. The game ‘tasks’ will let be uploaded and updated in electronic learning environments and/or open source platforms used throughout Europe and available for free or with a limited budget.
3)A European Adult Training Course (Erasmus plus adult training)will be designed in order to train teachers and coaches how to counsel (technically and methodologically) adult learners on developning key competences, generally, spescifially, by playing the game/doing the simulation and to stimulate them to introduce it in education.The trainers in the participating Organisations will Pilot the online courses.
4.)The first versions of the game will be piloted , of the handbook (English version) and workshops will function as a pilot in order to be able to adjust and refine in view of the production and translation of the final versions . A questionnaire accompanying the pilot game and a played peer , will be used to evaluate and adjust the pilot game into its final version.
4)The final versions of the Learning Environment and game/simulation, handbook and local courses translated into the different languages of the consortium as well as a European oriented training course will be available on the project’s website which will be updated and maintained also long after the funded period of the project has been finished.