Efeler Adult Education Centre is a public organization which began education in 1961 in Aydin. It offers free courses to young and adult population formal, in-formal and non-formal education.

According to registration Efeler Adult Education Centre is established in Aydın so as to train people in means of art, qualification and cultural ways. It is now working under Life Long Learning general management. It is giving lessons to the students who are out of compulsory education and also over age of thirteen.

In our centre there are mainly three buildings. But when it is required the school also takes classes from other schools, public buildings and villages. In our school there are 550 teachers. Each year the school is holding 1500 courses. During the education year 2016 – 2017 the school served 56.000 learners. Now 180 different courses are available.

We are giving every kind of courses for example English as a foreign languages, Secondary School Leaving Certificate, Vocational School Diploma, Computer Science, Art History, Photography… We like to work with young people who leave school early and who can’t find job. We give them courses which helps them to find jobs easily. We like spending time with them and showing them alternatives ways.

There are mainly two types of courses in the school. One is professional the other one is cultural and social courses. Professional courses are based on two types. One is job the other one is hobby course. Cultural courses are hold in order to wishes of the groups they wanted. At the end of courses the school is giving official certificate. For EU projects the school is collaborating with almost all institutes.
Our students take a part in educational projects and play. They are interested in Turkish traditions as well as traditions of other countries. Our students eager to learn English and also they want to know more about Europe, more about history and culture of other countries.
We would like to enhance by our experience this platform and benefit from our partners’ observation and practice.