AGENA Project,training and consulting is a private company for promoting professional guidance and trainings to beneficiaries.Agena is a modern and dynamic company with professional organizational background.The main goal is supporting local development in order to raise standards to European levels.Agena is working in a field of European educational projects supporting and improving education and vocational training opportunities in Europe.
Our organization is specialising in a wide range of activities including vocational and professional training, youth and adult exchange and language programmes funded by;
TÜBİTAK (Turkish Academic Network and Information Center)
TKDK (Institution of Suppoting Agricultural Development)
KOSGEP (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization
GEKA (Southern Aegean development agency)
As a company we provide a range of services that include EU funding research, consultation, preparation and submission of project applications, implementation, management and coordination of projects, reporting, evaluation and dissemination the outcomes and results of the projects.
In particular, we organize youth exchanges for young people and international training courses for professionals in the fields of education, training and business.This is a new and unique way to learn about cultures, patterns of learning, social and economic growth. At all levels, the European exchange offers the opportunity to practice the foreign languages, to increase the knowledge on specific topics, make new interdisciplinary and multicultural experiences.
In order to achieve our goal, we adopt an anthropocentric approach and cooperate with social, academic and business partners from Turkey and abroad, aiming at producing and transferring know how, promoting entrepreneurial culture and enhancing the effectiveness and viability of enterprises.

Agena promotes and organizes informative meetings that deal with the topic of regional and local sustainable development in economic, social, cultural and environmental area, as well as relevant policies.It organizes and promotes seminars, meetings and conferences related to this field.Thematic areas that we work on the projects.Entrepreneurship,Innovation,Education and training.-Employment and social inclusion,Regional Development,ICT,Youth,SMEs
Agena also offers collobration in K1 VET Mobility for VET Learners and Staff projects.It can offer many vocational institutions as a hosting and providse many training and Job shadowing in vocational sectors like; Health,Livestock,Restaurant and Cafeteria, Tourism ,Electricity
-KA2 Strategic partnerships in VET – M.IN.D. Marketing, Internationalization & Development)
-KA2 Strategic partnerships in VET-Sustainable Milk Hygene
-KA2 Strategic partnerships in School Education.-FABULO.Financial and commercial Learning
-GEKA-Lightening the TRALLES with solar energy
-GEKA-Restoration of antique Efeler Mansion
-GEKA- ASTİM Organized Industrial Zone Continuing Education Center
-GEKA-Ortaklar Education and history museum
-KA1 Learning Mobility of individuals in Youth -Sport for All
-KA1 Learning Mobility of individuals in Youth-Young entrepreneurs
We are a team of professionals having an extensive knowledge and experience in the field of European funded projects as managers, coordinators
Hatice Gülpınar:graduated in French interpretation/translation, skilled in co-ordinating European projects and managing activities run within the framework of EU Programs Responsible for the administration and communication, marketing and searching for international partners and the construction of networks at local and International level. Developing, managing and following contacts with the territory.
Cihan Gider:graduated in Economy and finance.skilled in financial management of projects.He
has participated in the preparation of European proposals and the materialization of European and national programmes (administrative, financial and technical aspects).He is also responsible for organisation of the logistics, cultural and linguistic programs.